🎯 Our mission: to be the technology that unifies family enterprises across generations

Trusted Family is the leading communication and governance platform for family businesses.

At Trusted Family, we leverage technology to create transparency, clarity, efficiency and alignment within family enterprises of all sizes. With our secure centralised tool, directors, shareholders, family members and their advisors can connect, communicate and collaborate from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

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In 2007, we were founded on the belief that when they’re truly and actively cohesive, families can create greater, lasting financial and non-financial value for themselves and their family members.

Today and for future generations.

Fast forward 16 years, the belief runs strong but our ambition has evolved.

We’ve gone from an information storage and sharing platform for families to an all-in-one tool that unites and facilitates the management of boards, ownership groups, family members, and advisors - helping them make better decisions as a group.

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